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Hormone Balancing

Why is it that some people can eat whatever they want and not gain weight?   Why is it that some people say they just look at food and gain weight?   The answer is their hormones.  When a person’s hormones are not balanced, their body stores fat.

There  is no way you can put everyone on the same diet and have them lose weight.  People have different hormonal and glandular problems.  If a person has a glandular weakness, their body will distort very specifially to a certain look.  One gland problem will cause weight gain in the hips, another in the stomach, another one will cause weight all over the body.

Doesn’t it make sense to feed the body based on its weaknesses?   For example a person with a bad liver can’t digest and do well with heavy proteins.   But if you took another person with a pancreas weakness and put them on too many carbohydrates, they will also do very poorly.  Each person is different.  So we need to first find any weakness, before a specific program can be recommended.


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