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Vitamins and Nutrition


An imbalanced body is an unhealthy body.   Even though you may be getting  plenty of calories, it’s possible you are not feeding your body the proper nutrients it needs.   When focusing on losing weight, it is also important to focus on getting your body the proper nutrition it needs in order to be healthy.

Most of us know the importance of taking vitamins, but when you go to a store to purchase them, how do you pick and choose which vitamins you need?   In addition to that, how do you know that the vitamins you purchase are even going to work for you?

You should only be taking vitamins that your body needs.

At Lighthouse Health, we utilize a meridian stress testing tool that helps the physician figure out what is going on in your body.   It’s important to know if a particular vitamin or supplement would help or not help you.  Many people spend money each month needlessly on things that aren’t helping them.
I have had great success with the vitamins from this program. In fact, it is amazing how much better they work.


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Are You Having Problems Sleeping?

Proper sleep is important not only so that you have energy during the day, but deep sleep also releases growth hormone that helps put your body into fat burning mode.  Growth hormone is also an important anti-aging hormone.

At Lighthouse Health, we have the ability to test you to determine whether or not you are getting into a deep enough sleep pattern to release growth hormone, which helps put you into fat burning mode.

Our goal is to find the imbalance in your body so we can figure out why you aren’t sleeping.  We will help you so that your body can get into the dep sleep it needs.  (Don’t forget to read some of the testimonials from the many patients we have helped with this problem.

Improper sleep has been linked to obesity, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and many other health problems.

I have noticed that I sleep much better since being on the burn fat America program. I really encourage you to give it a try.

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Hormone Balancing

Why is it that some people can eat whatever they want and not gain weight?   Why is it that some people say they just look at food and gain weight?   The answer is their hormones.  When a person’s hormones are not balanced, their body stores fat.

There  is no way you can put everyone on the same diet and have them lose weight.  People have different hormonal and glandular problems.  If a person has a glandular weakness, their body will distort very specifially to a certain look.  One gland problem will cause weight gain in the hips, another in the stomach, another one will cause weight all over the body.

Doesn’t it make sense to feed the body based on its weaknesses?   For example a person with a bad liver can’t digest and do well with heavy proteins.   But if you took another person with a pancreas weakness and put them on too many carbohydrates, they will also do very poorly.  Each person is different.  So we need to first find any weakness, before a specific program can be recommended.

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