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Exercise for Your Body Type

Exercise for your Body Type

There is a single common error people make with their exercising when attempting to lose weight. Doing the wrong exercise for your body type can cause you to spend a tremendous amount of wasted time and effort–all in vain.

Many patients come in with stubborn metabolisms, yet at the same they exercise two hours per day with very little, if any, results. They can’t figure out how that can be, when in theory, exercise is supposed to make someone burn calories. In the medical textbooks, it states that excessive calories not burned lead to weight gain.

In actuality, a fat cell is really just a storage center for potential energy in a solid form. There are three ways the body extracts energy from itself. Only ONE way extracts FAT as energy. The other two ways extract sugar as energy. In other words, a person could spend a lot of time exercising and not even tap into the fat energy storage depot. And that’s what is happening to many people. Unfortunately, many current exercise trainers don’t really understand this principle and are giving the wrong advice.

At Lighthouse Health, one of our key strategies is to train you how to maximize fat burning using the one energy system that deals only with fat burning and discourage the other two. Our goal is to get you to understand this process instead of just telling you what to do.

We will teach you how to fully understand what FAT really is and the exact mechanics of how your body burns fat versus sugar, so you don’t mistakenly burn sugar instead of fat. So instead of simply giving you another program, we give you a greater understanding of the principles of how the body works with regard to metabolism. Unless you understand this, you will be dependant on the next new fad diet or exercise.

We will teach you how to use exercise to your advantage to maximize weight loss. If you don’t know these key principles, you could unfortunately spend lots of wasted time and money with minimal results.
Learn how you can fix this here.
Has this ever happened to you? I know it’s happened to me. I’ve excercised like crazy and I still haven’t lost weight.

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