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I’m through with the cleanse

It’s January 5th and I am finally through with the cleanse. So now I am starting a new diet. I can eat cheese, cottage cheese and nuts as well as drink milk. Wahoo! I never thought I would be so excited about eating these things but it’s amazing, during the time I have been on the weight loss cleanse, instead of craving chocolate, ice cream and cookies, I have been craving cottage cheese, cheese and nuts. Following this change in lifestyle and loosing weight all while becoming healthier is going to be much easier now. I can already tell.


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Energy Level

Wow, after a week and a half I am finally back to my normal energy level. I can already tell that this program is going to be great for my overall health and weight loss success.

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After 1 week

After 1 week on the program, I went back to the doctor’s office for my first checkup. When I stepped on the scale, I had already lost 3 pounds. Cool! I’m really starting to like this.

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6 days later

About me Wow I have now been on this diet for almost a week. I am starting to have more energy. Yahoo! I’m sick and tired of eating the same foods all the time but I know the long term results will be worth it. I think I am loosing weight as well. This is great news.

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My Second Day on the Burn Fat Program

Although I still fill tired my allergies are already starting to disappear. This is excellent news for me as I have struggled with major allergy problems for years. Even the thought of not having to deal with them anymore is very exciting for me and makes the program well worth it.

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My First Day on the Burn Fat America Program

My first day on the burn fat America Program

I started the program during my Christmas vacation and although it may seem like a difficult time to start such a program it turned out to be okay. The first time I tried the shake I took it with frozen strawberries and although I can’t say it was delicious it wasn’t that bad. I was also rather surprised by how full I was for at least 2 hours afterwards.

It was only later in the middle of the morning that I was hungry enough to eat. The only downside for me was that it made me tired, however this was a good thing as even though the first week was difficult for this reason I have experienced many benefits from this program as you will see from the rest of this blog. And being tired is good as it is a sign that your system is getting cleaned out.

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An Introduction to the burn fat America program

Are you struggling to loose weight? or do you feel tired all the time or have other health issues. The Burn Fat America program is designed to help cure all of these problems. You start with a natural body cleanse for 3 weeks in which you eat only fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish and eggs and you take a special vitamin shake and other vitamins 3 times a week. After the 3 weeks your diet changes based on your body type and your personal health and medical needs.

Many many people including those who have previously tried every diet in the book are experiencing great success with it. This blog is designed to offer information about the program as well as my personal experience with it and stories and testimonals of others who have been on the program.

It will also offer ideas and suggestions on how you can improve your own weight loss and physical health.

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